Sunday, July 25, 2010

Home for Sale in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

You may have noticed the new real estate office in downtown Lyndonville, Vermont : StoneCrest Properties It's run by Kelly Deth and Nikki Bunnell if you've been driving around you will notice their distinctive signs everywhere you turn.

It's not hard to see why this brand-new Real Estate company is taking the area by storm. Kelly Deth has been in the business for many years and she knows that home sales, like sales of any kind is all about marketing and creating memorable and unique material that stands out from the crowd. It is obvious that Kelly has an outstanding grasp on creating that kind of material.

From their office decor, you know they can advise the seller on staging their house effectively and you know the buyer will get the most chances to see the property with Stonecrest's media blitz advertising--they're everywhere!

You will hear them on the radio, see their signs with the distinctive celtic knott design everywhere, this same logo makes her easy to find in any print advertising, and you will find Stonecrest on facebook, on the web at and even at their new blog. They use every possible media to reach the maximum number of people possible.

Whether you want to buy or sell property in the Northeast Kingdom you should check out Stone Crest Properties and put Kelly's and Nikki's marketing skills to work for you.

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