Thursday, July 29, 2010

Treasure Hunters Roadshow in Saint Johnsbury

July 28 through August 1st you can clean out your attics and bring your treasures to the Comfort Inn in Saint Johnsbury to have them evaluated and marketed to a large number of collectors or even purchased on the spot.

It's called Treasure Hunters Roadshow. Lynn Hanes told me that you can bring anything old but of special interest to them as buyers is anything gold or silver (even broken or mismatched jewelry),

Jeff Arko evaluates some great garage sale finds from this collector. He told me that this particular man had a great eye for treasures--most of what he brought was valuable.

These are some of the items I saw while I was there:

Here is some old jewelry that came in:

Also of interest are old musical instruments, toys and World War II items (especially German).

Here, Roadshow expert Jeff Arko evaluated a gemstone with a loupe.

When I stopped in to see how things were going every station had treasures that they were evaluating and there was a line of people out the door and in the hall.

This is Brian Scott, helping someone with their old coin collection.

Lynn Hanes (left) and Pierre Monroe (right) can upload pictures of your treasure directly to a team of collectors and find a buyer for your item right there, via internet.

I think getting there early is a good idea! Doors open at 9 am every morning this week and will close at 6pm except Sunday when they will be closing at 4pm.

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