Sunday, July 25, 2010

Live on-air reiki massage

Val Davis got rubbed the right way by massage therapist Nancy Feltus on Friday. The massage was broadcast live on Magic 97.7 in Lyndonville, Vermont. I always wondered what reiki looked like.

Nancy told me that all the massage she does whether it's deep tissue or shiatsu is reiki because it's not about the touch but rather the movement of healing energy. Val had been injured on his knee (quad rupture) so he asked Nancy to see if she could help with the pain. Val said it made his sore knee feel much better even though it didn't seem like much was going on.

Nancy is a long time massage therapist and even traveled to Canada with the US Nordic Ski Team to make sure they stayed in tip top shape for the games. We are lucky to have her here!

She doesn't have a web page yet but you can reach her at : or by good old fashioned phone: 802-467-3562

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